Thank you for receiving me into this group upon my arrival at Silver Key one year ago. Because of the friendship, mentorship, and education this organization provides its members I quickly found my footing and have begun making impact in the lives of seniors throughout the Pikes Peak region. Thank you to each of you who have become dear friends and I look forward to the year ahead with friends old and new.

Sean Dana

Understanding the needs of the senior industry and building a trusted network of providing partners is imperative for a successful senior serving business. The Senior Resource Council has been providing both for over 30 years. Our membership with the SRC for over a decade has increased our visibility in the industry by providing outlets to educate and inform. The relationships built through the SRC network have been invaluable. Spend some of your marketing dollars on a membership. Use the membership and your return will be immeasurable as well.

Lucy Crandall

The members of the Senior Resource Council are some of the finest people you will find anywhere.  They have all come together to support each other and the common goal of assisting the senior population in one way or another.   Many of the SRC events bring awareness to the needs of the senior population in our community, changes that will occur as the population ages and expands, and challenges that will be faced in the years to come.  Since becoming a member and attending the events, I have not only expanded my business network, but I have also become more aware of how to better serve our senior customers. 

Gary Rollins

As Colorado Springs longest running and largest home care provider, Heartfelt Care at Home is proud to be a longtime member of the Senior Resource Council.  The Senior Resource Council has allowed us the opportunity to network, connect, and most importantly collaborate with other senior focused companies here in Colorado Springs. 

Greg Coopman

As an attending member for the last 10 years, I have found the Senior Resource Council an invaluable resource for professional support and guidance. 

Two years ago, I joined the SRC as an owner/operator of an Assisted Living Residence. The education I have received changed the course of our project! Those of us working with, caring for and loving seniors, it is a MUST membership!

Angela E. Waterbury

The Senior Resource Council is a great and well organized group geared toward helping businesses better serve the senior community here in Colorado Springs. It has been, by far, the best tool for me to connect with others in the senior care industry. I am truly grateful to be a member of the SRC.

Carissa Smith

“The SRC is the go to organization for all things related to seniors. Its members are leaders in their field. I enjoy networking with this group and in turn supporting their businesses. Monthly education covers many topics within the senior industry providing insight to the amazing group of people we serve.  I have supported the SRC for 8 years through different companies I have worked with and proud to say I’m a part of such a trusted organization.”

Charlotte Long | Regional Development Manager | Alzheimer's Association